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Look at that – a new image! It’s been a while since I had a chance to do one of these! This is Toad, best known from the Super Mario Bros series by Nintendo, as he struggles to cope with not being the best, which is something he very often shouts about in the game Mario Kart 64.

He really didn’t take this well.

-Odd (Martin)


Tall Goomba


So, I had an odd thought. What would a tall Goomba look like? Well, kind of like that.

Click for full size!

This is kind of the point of Doododds – weird doodles. If you have anything that you would like to see, put in a request!


-Odd (Martin)

Wendy-O’s – You’ll Have It HER Way!


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I remember watching an episode of the Super Mario Bros. cartoon years ago that was to do with fast food, and I was sure that it had a lot to do with Kootie Pie Koopa. I went back and re-watched a little, but it turns out that it doesn’t, but it still got me thinking about fast food in general.

So, here is the finished product, Wendy-O’s, the restaurant chain run by spoiled brat Wendy O. Koopa!

I tried to make the image look like one of those promo posters you would see advertising a new burger, and the tag line was ripped right from classic Burger King “Have It Your Way”. As it was for one of the Koopa Kids/Koopalings, I also wanted it to look pretty unappetising. So, the burger buns aren’t even, or even cooked, the burger meat looks a little greenish… There’s also some green stuff coming from under the bun, but no one knows if that is sauce, cheese or what.

Bonus fun fact – while I was looking for an image of Wendy to base the logo on, I found that fan artists like to draw her pregnant. Not sure why, that’s not something I want to look into.

-Odd (Martin)