Flame – Azure Dreams

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This is starting to become a little bit of an Azure Dreams fan site, which isn’t the intention, but I honestly love the game so much!

Here is one of my original pieces, the creature Flame from Azure Dreams! He’s really just a firey knight, but then when would that not be awesome to see?azure-dreams-flame

-Odd (Martin)

Pulunpa – Azure Dreams

Creatures, Games

The Pulunpa, or Wumpa as it was named in the GameBoy Colour game, is the most basic enemy in the game. It’s weak and pretty harmless, but I always found them to be pretty cute!


This is one of my older designs, and so let me know if you would like to see this redesigned! You can let me know and submit any other requests by visiting https://doododds.wordpress.com/request/.

-Odd (Martin)

Black Mage – Final Fantasy


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With the Final Fantasy series, I have found the Black Mage class visually interesting. They are proficient in black magic, which generally boils down to attack magic. Their faces always hidden and shrouded in mystery, with the exception of their yellow eyes, I always wonder what they do look like.

In Final Fantasy 9, or IX for any Romans reading this, you are introduced to Vivi, a young Black Mage. Upon your journey, you meet many Black Mage “puppets”, and this is what I have based the model on. Thinking of the faces in the series, most characters are humanoid, and so would share many of our bodily features. As such, I decided that the only way that the eyes, the sole feature we can really see, would make sense would be if the “whites” of the eyes were actually black, and have yellow cat-like pupils. Pretty weird, but that’s how I rolled with this one.

I also decided that, as these are puppets, the “skin” should have a cloth effect, as these are created and filled with magic much like a cloth sack, and that they should also be a dark blue/black colour to reflect their hidden faces.

I hope you enjoyed this image, let me know if you have any requests for models for future posts!

-Odd (Martin)