Old Man Link

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This is an idea that has been knocking around my head for a while, so please bear with me.

As we understand from the Legend of Zelda series, there are many different incarnations of Zelda and Link, however Ganon, or Ganondorf, is usually referred to as being revived. So, what if Ganon had revived almost constantly during the lifespan of a single, unfortunate hero?

Here we have Old Man Link. He has faced Ganon more times than he can count, and while Ganon revives, this Link is aging, becoming slower and weaker. It is only a matter of time until Link falls, leaving Hyrule to suffer under Ganon.

Ganon knows this, and each revival he is more determined to see the end to Link. But, he is unaware that there will always be another with the Courage to stand against him, and another hero, unaware of their destiny, awaits their awakening…

-Odd (Martin)

Bakugou (BNHA) X Link (Legend of Zelda)

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Well, looks like I’m back! The schedule is yet to be determined, but I’m happy to be drawing again!

So, above is a crossover between Bakugou, an explosive student from the manga/anime My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero Academia) and Link, specifically the Hero of Time era, wielding bombs as he attacks an unknown foe.

This is my first attempt at drawing in this style, let me know how I did!

-Odd (Martin)

The Master Fork


I have been playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, and I have been really enjoying it. However, I feel a little mixed about the recovery system. You see, in previous Zelda titles, when you get hurt you need to find hearts, and they are just about everywhere for some reason. Seriously, hiding in grass, pots, the rib cages of your slain enemies, those sweet, sweet hearts are everywhere.

In Breath of the Wild, however, there are no recovery hearts for you. Instead, ingredients are everywhere, and you need to cook delicious meals for Link to recover (you can eat food without cooking, but it recovers very little). Whenever you are hurt, you eat food, and we aren’t talking a few bites here – you recover more hearts with better quality food, but it is possible to eat 6 or seven meals in the space of a single battle with a few irritating enemies.

True, it could be that I am just terrible at the game, but I thought the idea of Link stopping a momentous battle to eat several portions of steak. A large portion of the game does revolve around collecting ingredients and cooking them.

You may have noticed the pun by the way. Other puns I wanted to include were:

  • Hero of Thyme
  • The Sword that Seals The Juices In.
  • High Rating Shield (showing a 4.5 star Yelp review)
  • The evil Gordondorf, a mix between Ganondorf and Gordon Ramsay, here to judge Link on a prime meat so undercooked that it’s still playing Uncharted.

-Odd (Martin)

Phantom Sword – The Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass


Phantom Sword

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After recently completing this game, I was saddened to find that one of the coolest blades from the series is only obtained at the very end of the game, just before taking on the final dungeon. And so, here it is, in all its glory!

The smartest design that I noted from the original, aside from the hourglass embedded within the hilt, is that the hilt itself is designed to look like the hourglass housing too! It’s a great little touch, and I was happy to see it!

I decided that the setting of the game was mostly nautical, and so to give the image a little flavour I set up a quick sandy beach for the sword to be resting on. It’s not too unusual – in Link’s Awakening on the GameBoy, Link’s sword is found along the coast too!

On an additional side-note, when I asked my wife’s opinion on the design (which she adds was made without her wearing her glasses), she has said that the hilt made it look like the female reproductive system. Well, I kind of see what she means, so I can’t argue too much, I guess!

-Odd (Martin)