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Hey everyone! It’s been a while, sorry – I’ve been going through some stuff, and I’m not done yet. So, here’s some stuff I have drawn recently!

Dragon Handle – The Seven Deadly Sins

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It may come of no surprise that, along with being interested in games and gaming culture, I also have an interest in animation from both Eastern and Western cultures. At 31 years old, I have clearly grown up.

Anyway, the design above is one of the Dragon Handle, from The Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga, originally kept by the main protagonist and Dragon sin of Wrath, Meliodas.

As personal preference, I’m not actually a big fan of the series, however I have nothing against it and in particular I find the design of this item interesting, as a simplified, looped dragon, and being used as a handle for a sword. I hope you agree, whether you choose to dive into the series or not, this item at least looks pretty cool!