Request Guidelines

All requests will be read and considered, but these are the general rules that I work by.

  • Characters that are still being designed by their owning companies are generally declined. Why ask me to do a character (for example, a Shy Guy from the Super Mario series) if there are better quality pictures available?
  • No sexual imagery. This is a family-friendly site, and so I don’t care about your Crash Bandicoot adult fiction, I’m not doing that.
  • No overly complex, weird requests. It’s great that you enjoy Pokémon, however I am not going to try and design Missingno in 3D.

So that’s the “do not” section, and again these are just guidelines and all requests will be considered (within reason). What I am looking for, you can find a general list below:

  • Characters or items from games from before the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 era of gaming – as noted in the “don’t” section, characters that are still being developed are not going to look well, but I don’t mind a new interpretation of older characters or items.
  • Items or animated characters from TV, in possibly different situations than you would expect them. For example, asking for Wallace of Wallace and Gromit to be clad in armour with a broadsword sounds like it would be a fun concept, so I would definitely consider it!
  • Keep your ideas fun. I do this as a hobby, and so occasionally there will be times I go off with designs down a random path, just because I think it would look cool!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you submit an idea using the Request! page!

-Odd (Martin)