Irn Gru

This is an older design that I stumbled across, just something I designed for fun! I tried releasing it as a T-Shirt, but apparently it is too close to the original material and comes under copyright.

For those unaware, it is based on the logo for the drink “Irn Bru” (pronounced Iron Brew).

-Odd (Martin)


Hitting the Bar

This is was designed after the first bar that I went into – the pub from the Wonder Boy games on the Sega Master System. With its blue walls and glowing exit sign, all that is missing is a weird anthropomorphic animal bartender, of which I remember a pig and a red bird.


This is a little older than my more recent uploads, so let me know if you are interested in seeing this recreated! My skills have improved since this was made originally, so if there is some interest I would be happy to work on this.

Remember, if there is anything you would like me to 3Doodle (which would have been a cool title for the site, but is probably taken…), submit any requests at to make sure it reaches me!

-Odd (Martin)

Creatures, Games

Pulunpa – Azure Dreams

The Pulunpa, or Wumpa as it was named in the GameBoy Colour game, is the most basic enemy in the game. It’s weak and pretty harmless, but I always found them to be pretty cute!


This is one of my older designs, and so let me know if you would like to see this redesigned! You can let me know and submit any other requests by visiting

-Odd (Martin)