Bakugou (BNHA) X Link (Legend of Zelda)

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Well, looks like I’m back! The schedule is yet to be determined, but I’m happy to be drawing again!

So, above is a crossover between Bakugou, an explosive student from the manga/anime My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero Academia) and Link, specifically the Hero of Time era, wielding bombs as he attacks an unknown foe.

This is my first attempt at drawing in this style, let me know how I did!

-Odd (Martin)

S.A.I.N.T. Owners Manual

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An older, non-3D design that I made during a T-Shirt phase I was going through. I’m kind of glad that never went too far, because I wasn’t as proficient in software more suitable for this kind of work.

For those interested, I wasn’t used to using vector-based programs, which differs from pixel based software. Instead of having a pixel location on a grid (an image is just a grid of pixel locations, for example the below is 600 x 854), vector programs calculate images mathematically, and so they can be scaled infinitely and will always look their best, whereas even on the most high definition image when it is increased in size the pixels become larger and less defined the more zoomed in it becomes.

So, this is the character Johnny 5, from the movies Short Circuit 1 & 2, and honestly I just love those movies so much. Johnny 5 is a military prototype that, due to a freak lightning storm, is brought to life, and his artificial intelligence becomes real intelligence, and he learns that he does not want to hurt anyone and does not want to be disassembled. It is similar to the movie Chappie in theory, but the titular characters choose much different paths from each other.

Oh, and check out that sweet watermark over the top. I no longer have access to the original image, so… yeah, that’s having to stay.


-Odd (Martin)