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Teddy Bot 1.0

This is a render from my earlier days of messing around with 3D modelling. Basically, it’s a robot bear! Bear Bot

-Odd (Martin)


Irn Gru

This is an older design that I stumbled across, just something I designed for fun! I tried releasing it as a T-Shirt, but apparently it is too close to the original material and comes under copyright.

For those unaware, it is based on the logo for the drink “Irn Bru” (pronounced Iron Brew).

-Odd (Martin)

Creatures, Doodle

Octophat In Training

Following the recent interest in Octophat, I actually started to design this after testing out how the program I use works with designing banners. The banner in the back is the only thing I was planning on making today!


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I was planning on making this model available to view in 3D, but I honestly was super lazy with several of the items (it is a doodle, after all!) and they will probably not look as good from other angles, but let me know if this is something you are interested in anyway.

-Odd (Martin)

Anime/Manga, Doodle

Melty Ash

It has been feeling ridiculously warm recently (maybe because it’s Summer or something, who can say?) and all I can think of is melting. So, here we go.
Ash from Pokémon melting into a puddle.

You may be asking yourself “but Odd, why didn’t you make Ash turn into a pile of Ash, there’s a joke right in his name”. Look, you aren’t wrong, but it’s my website and I wanted melty Ash.

Click for full size!

Hope you guys stay cool in this weather!

-Martin (Odd)