How BAD can I possibly be?


So, this is my first totally digital drawing, based on this tweet and I’m kind of happy with it.

Honestly, I feel like digital drawing is currently not my strong suit, and I prefer to do the lineart on physical paper, and then colour digitally, but this was a good exercise.

-Odd (Martin)

Old Man Link

Characters, Games

This is an idea that has been knocking around my head for a while, so please bear with me.

As we understand from the Legend of Zelda series, there are many different incarnations of Zelda and Link, however Ganon, or Ganondorf, is usually referred to as being revived. So, what if Ganon had revived almost constantly during the lifespan of a single, unfortunate hero?

Here we have Old Man Link. He has faced Ganon more times than he can count, and while Ganon revives, this Link is aging, becoming slower and weaker. It is only a matter of time until Link falls, leaving Hyrule to suffer under Ganon.

Ganon knows this, and each revival he is more determined to see the end to Link. But, he is unaware that there will always be another with the Courage to stand against him, and another hero, unaware of their destiny, awaits their awakening…

-Odd (Martin)



This past year, I have faced the greatest depression in my life so far. And, funnily enough, the reasons are unclear. Depression is kind of like that, though – it doesn’t need an invite to show up, it just does. I have been fairly open when speaking to people, letting them know that I have been feeling depressed, but it is difficult for others to understand.

Being of a proactive mind when it comes to self-development, at the beginning of the year I tried all sorts of things. I started reading books on positivity, I explored meditation (which I would recommend), and I made attempts to correct myself. These weren’t exactly unsuccessful, per sé, but the changes started when I began taking anti-depressants.

I did not cure depression. There is no cure for depression, and that in itself is depressing. But there is one concept that stuck with me throughout, which inspired the image.

Picture this: you are out walking in your local town. The sun is shining, and you are feeling its warmth on your skin. The air is fresh, a light breeze brushes past you, and it is a wonderful, refreshing feeling. There are people walking by, familiar faces, all enjoying the warmth, and the sounds of idle chatter are heard. But, almost without warning, the wind changes direction, and a dark cloud covers the sun.

You begin feeling cold. The town you know and love is the same, but everything is less colourful, darker. The birds grow silent, and other people in the town, who seemed so friendly just a short while ago, are rushing past you as it starts to rain.

These feelings are accurate. The weather is worse, and the atmosphere has changed. You cannot change the weather, but you can get in from out of the cold rain. You can look after yourself, and remember the most important part of this story – just because you no longer can feel the sun shining does not mean that you never will again. The sun is still shining, and once the clouds have moved on you will feel its warmth again.

If there is anyone reading this who is suffering from depression, I implore you to seek help. There are a hundred thousand reasons for depression, from bereavement to simply not having something go as you would have hoped. Time is precious, you should spend it filling your life with things you love, rather than filling it with ideas of things you hate.

-Odd (Martin)