I’m Odd, not just in name, but in also in personality! So, what do I mean by that?

Odd is, in literary terms, something that is unusual, that does not quite fit with what is considered the norm. In maths, it is the opposite to even, part of the sequence of numbers that trails on endlessly. To me, to be odd is to recognise that I am who I am, that I am unique, and that there are people that share similarities to myself and there are others very different to me. Don’t worry if you feel you are similar to me or not, as this isn’t the purpose of this site!

I have been a gamer for my entire life, ever since holding a Nintendo Entertainment System controller and playing Super Mario Bros 3 for my 7th birthday. Because of my early gaming, I am especially fond of Nintendo! I love games, and over the last few years I have been interested in design, and have found a few programs that I am able to use. I enjoy redesigning classic elements from games as a form of art.

Next question you may have is “what’s with the title”, right? Well, it’s a mix of three words – doodles, doodads and Odd! It’s artistic bits and pieces, but I don’t take it too seriously as “art”.

DISCLAIMER: The content shown on this site is based on existing intellectual properties, and I do not own the rights to the characters portrayed within. The rights to the characters portrayed belong to the respective owners, and the images created by myself are fan creations and are for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks for finding my site, I hope you enjoy browsing!

-Odd (Martin)