Suezo – Monster Rancher


For those of you unaware, in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, there were many Monster raising series. The main one, of course, is Pokémon, and following that was Digimon. These took the focus of raising a variety of colourful, unique Monsters, mostly through battles. The lesser known Monster Rancher went a different way.

In the Monster Rancher series, you begin with a Monster, either from a limited selection or by putting a CD into your Playstation when prompted, and you would raise it to fight. So how did this differ from the other games? Well, it’s easier to explain when you compare this game to something like boxing. The majority of your time would be spent raising your Monster through training sessions, and it would learn and grow through different experiences. Every so often, a tournament would become available and you could enter your Monster to fight, in order to win prizes and raise your rank as a breeder. It was a great game, and very refreshing in the Monster raising RPG style of gaming.

The character below, a Suezo, is the mascot for the series. He is a mischievous eye on a stalk with a long, prehensile tongue that it uses in place of arms or legs. A simplistic looking monster, however it is actually very intelligent and can be difficult to raise as it likes to misbehave.

I hope you enjoyed my work, and let me know if there is anything you would like me to do in future through the Requests page. If I get time, I would like to do a video showing the 3D modelling process (sped up, of course), let me know if you are interested in seeing this!

-Odd (Martin)


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