Wendy-O’s – You’ll Have It HER Way!


Click for full size image!

I remember watching an episode of the Super Mario Bros. cartoon years ago that was to do with fast food, and I was sure that it had a lot to do with Kootie Pie Koopa. I went back and re-watched a little, but it turns out that it doesn’t, but it still got me thinking about fast food in general.

So, here is the finished product, Wendy-O’s, the restaurant chain run by spoiled brat Wendy O. Koopa!

I tried to make the image look like one of those promo posters you would see advertising a new burger, and the tag line was ripped right from classic Burger King “Have It Your Way”. As it was for one of the Koopa Kids/Koopalings, I also wanted it to look pretty unappetising. So, the burger buns aren’t even, or even cooked, the burger meat looks a little greenish… There’s also some green stuff coming from under the bun, but no one knows if that is sauce, cheese or what.

Bonus fun fact – while I was looking for an image of Wendy to base the logo on, I found that fan artists like to draw her pregnant. Not sure why, that’s not something I want to look into.

-Odd (Martin)


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