Azure Dreams – Tundra


Click for full size!

I have never made it a secret that I have a deep, deep love for the Playstation game Azure Dreams, and this even extends to the GBC version of the game. One of the best looking monsters from the series is the Flame creature, but even cooler (puns!) is the water variant, which becomes the icy creature known as Tundra!

The most detailed image that exists for this is the Monster Book version, included with this post, and just look at it. It’s a badass! Even now, I’m happy with my work on the new image, but the original still looks amazing!


The original Tundra!

There aren’t many details that I can provide on this, so a little information on the creature is that it is essentially an elemental ghost haunting a suit of armour – you can see that it has no arms, even though it carries a sword and shield. I decided to add to this by adding a glow to the ice-ball it has as a head.



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