Cactuar Jogging


A cactuar (#finalfantasy) jogging through the desert

-Odd (Martin)


Bakugou (BNHA) X Link (Legend of Zelda)

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Well, looks like I’m back! The schedule is yet to be determined, but I’m happy to be drawing again!

So, above is a crossover between Bakugou, an explosive student from the manga/anime My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero Academia) and Link, specifically the Hero of Time era, wielding bombs as he attacks an unknown foe.

This is my first attempt at drawing in this style, let me know how I did!

-Odd (Martin)

#inktober2018 catchup!


I’ve had one hell of a busy week, so I got a little behind with my doodles. But, not to be discouraged, I have doodled the missed images and I am up to date! I also tried using colour this time, I think it looks pretty good.

[04/10/18] (spell)

[05/10/18] (chicken)

[06/10/18] (drooling)

[07/10/18] (drooling)

[08/10/18] (star)

[09/10/18] (precious)

[10/10/18] (flowing)